Ce que retourner en Thaïlande m’a appris. (Lien)

Blog d’un américain d’origine thaïlandaise, en anglais.


So much of what makes me who I am today stems from the decision to move to Thailand.

Despite living here for 11 years, meeting hundreds of people all across Thailand, I still don’t feel like I fit in.

I have a staunch belief that every “halfie” should spend an extended period of time in both of the countries that their parents are from in order to truly understand themselves and the opportunities that are available being mixed.



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Julien Le Hoangan (2020, 1 novembre). Ce que retourner en Thaïlande m’a appris. (Lien). Rhizomes. Consulté le 21 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/tpby

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